Ch ch ch changes

Lots of changes here. New cattery, new customer service supervisor, new dogs, puppies, kittens and cats.
Our behaviorist brought in 10 dogs from El Centro on Monday. It's always fun to take the information when she calls us from there just before she leaves their shelter. She has fun naming them and comes up with some doozies.
After she gives us the breed, color, sex, she'll give us the name, "Ballerina", no make it "Tiny Ballerina", but when she gets here she says, "You know, tiny ballerina doesn't make any sense. I was thinking about Elton John's "Tiny Dancer", so just "Ballerina" is fine.
My favorite was "Bowchicabow wow", but the kennel staff vetoed it. Nick said it sounded like it was from a 70's porn movie. Many of the staff agreed, so she changed that one to "Bow Wow".
Later she asked me if I thought it sounded like a 70's porn movie and I told her I thought it was really cute, but I was never into 70's porn, so what do I know.
Often you can tell what she's been up to by the names she chooses. Like the trip following her concert when she brought in "Prince", "Sheila E", and "Radiohead".
Or, I guess right after breakfast when we got, "Waffle" and "Pancake".
With our new cattery grand opening on May 2nd, we are making sure to have lots of cats and kittens. They are bringing some in from other shelters that have too many and I hope we find lots of lucky cats a loving, caring, forever home from that event.
My new supervisor seems like a very nice guy and I like working for nice people. Most of the people I work with are so conscientious and care so much about the success of the shelter and care and protection of the animals. I can't think of a single person who works here that doesn't have at least one, but usually all of those qualities.
My cat, Eiko just decided that she would like my undivided attention, so I'm going to let her comb her whiskers. She actually holds the comb between her paws and combs her whiskers. This makes them seperate and curl forward. She purrs loudly and a bit of spittle forms at her mouth, not drool, just.......yeah, that's what it is, spittle. I'm going to borrow someones video cam and put her on Youtube. She's pretty funny. I noticed that here at the shelter, they have the dogs sit before they feed them, so I taught her to do it. I only had to tell her to sit the first couple of times, now she does it as soon as she sees her bowl. She's very food driven, so any kind of trick is easy to teach just before feeding time when she is most interested in pleasing me. Most of the time she has me trained.
Ok, now she's insisting that I finish this and give her some quality time since I've been gone to work all day.

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